The Essential for Every Outdoor Party: A Tent!

When heading outside for any event, the backdrop can be breathtaking.  Whether it be at a golf course, park, backyard, or beach outside parties can be great ways to get friends and family together for a special day.  However, being outdoors is a bit unpredictable and sudden showers or bad weather can cancel a party.  That’s why you should always rent a tent when dealing with Mother Nature.  When you look at tent rental baltimore, you will find there are more options than you may be prepared for. 

A party tent can come in a variety of sizes, cloths and styles that can match the type of event you are hosting.

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·    Frame tent

The most common type of tent, frame tents do not need to go into the ground and can be setup on any surface.  These tents are also great because they have exposed metal that can be used to hand decorations. 

·    Pole tent

A pole tent is held up by poles and has the mountain-like peaks at the top.  These tents can only be set up on grassy surfaces because poles have to break through the ground.

·    Marquee Tent

With the best of both worlds, the Marquee tent has the appeal of the Pole tent’s roof with the practicality of the Frame tent’s ability to stand-alone.

·    Sailcloth Tent

The name gives it away, with the sailcloth material used and wooden poles holding up this wonderful tent.

·    Clear Tent

If you are looking to get the feel of being outside, but the security of having cover then a Clear Tent would be best.

·    Beach Tent

For a tropical vibe, beach tents may not cover you too much but can add a nice décor to any party.

Every party needs a great location.  While that location for you may be outside, it is always best to have a tent so you can celebrate rain or shine.